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After Hours IT able to provide complete cloud solutions to you and your business.

In a Public Cloud environment, resources are made available to you, such as virtual machines, applications and storage over the internet. This means that no physical servers would be kept on-site in your office, meaning you’ll save on hardware, maintenance and electricity costs. Public cloud is a multi-tenant approach, which means you’ll share computing resources with other users, but your data remains separate.

With Private Cloud, you have complete control of your environment where all systems and resources are dedicated to you and only you. Private cloud is best suited for businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require complete control, typically to meet regulatory compliance, security and governance needs.

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After Hours IT was founded in 2016 and provides London’s small & medium sized businesses with end-to-end IT support services, from purchasing and installing hardware, to support and monitored data backup. We support our clients using innovative, high quality systems and practices that large blue chip companies take for granted – and along the way we’ve achieved excellent customer satisfaction.

We look after our client’s systems as if they were our own and provide total peace of mind when it comes to IT.

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