Computer security is a necessary component in today’s world. Without it, we would be at the mercy of hackers and other online criminals who could cause us great harm – or steal our identity! There are three key tenants to computerized safety: confidentiality (the protection from unwanted observation), integrity (checking data hasn’t been changed) and availability (ensuring systems aren’t down). 

If you want to know the best ways to protect yourself and your digital world, read on.  

Encrypt – Encryption may be the most underutilized technology in existence, but it has been a staple for centuries. Encoding data so that it cannot be read without resorting to passwords or keys is what encryption does best! Utilize it by looking closely at what your devices hold. If you cannot encrypt, make sure your password is strong by using numerical characters, letters and symbols.  


Update – Out-dated devices will not provide proper security. Update the anti-virus and system updates from authorized sites before a disaster happens! At the end of information life cycle, old files should be destroyed if they are no longer required to function properly in order for them not fall into wrong hands where it can become disastrous. 


Log Out – When you leave your computer for any reason, make sure that you log off. This will keep others from accessing private information and messing around with things they shouldn’t be able to get into! 


Spot – Hackers will do anything to get your information. Unfortunately, they can create an email address that looks official and you could easily fall victim if the emails look convincing enough! Do not click or download contents from unknown sources as this may result in malware on your computer. Personal posts should also be avoided within Social Media sites like Facebook where hackers lurk around looking for gullible victims who want what seems like free stuff – but don’t let it fool you: there might actually just end up costing someone else their personal data instead (not including things such has passwords). 


We hope you find these tips helpful but don’t forget After Hours IT Support are on hand to help with your security needs. With a free security audit for every company, we can help you identify your weak links and help you improve your security.