Hosted Desktops

A hosted desktop is exactly that, your computer desktop hosted in the cloud. All your files and applications will be stored in the cloud, and are assessable from any internet enabled device; Microsoft, Apple, Android. Instead of high capital outlays on hardware and software, a hosted desktop allows the client to make a manageable monthly payment, in return clients realise cost savings associated with reduced power consumption and a more scalable IT infrastructure.

Hosted desktops are ideally suited to organisations who are growing rapidly or who have seasonal fluctuation demands, so it is simple to add new users to the system without high on-costs or have unused expensive paid for licenses lying dormant when things quieten down.

No Setup Fees. Fixed Monthly Cost. Simplified Backups. Stronger Cyber Security. Create & Delete User Profiles With Ease. Supported By Our Team Of Experts. No Bandwidth Fees.

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After Hours IT was founded in 2016 and provides London’s small & medium sized businesses with end-to-end IT support services, from purchasing and installing hardware, to support and monitored data backup. We support our clients using innovative, high quality systems and practices that large blue chip companies take for granted – and along the way we’ve achieved excellent customer satisfaction.

We look after our client’s systems as if they were our own and provide total peace of mind when it comes to IT.

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